Tuesday, August 25 | 11:00 AM

Mark Pierson, CSP, ARM, ALCM
Senior Risk Control Technical Consultant, UFG Insurance

OSHA will celebrate its Golden Anniversary on December 29, 2020; what a perfect opportunity to go deeper in your safety journey! This session will provide pertinent information your team can implement to make better decisions regarding excavation operations and the prevention of utility strikes. We will explore factors such as incorrectly identifying risk by making assumptions and applying unconscious bias. At the conclusion of the training, participant should be able to:

  • Better determine the level of risk they are facing and proper control measures
  • Describe effective pre-planning procedures
  • Discuss the benefits of developing a utility locate and excavation policy
  • Describe what actions should and should not be taken if a utility strike occurs

As a bonus, UFG’s Worth It – Distracted Driving presentation, will be briefly highlighted to help ensure you “Arrive Alive” for all those personal endeavors, after being safe at work.