Ernest Melendez, BS in Environmental Science, ASTD Certified Training Professional – EHS Area Manager, BrandSafway

Ernest Melendez is currently the Area Environmental Health and Safety Manager for BrandSafway supporting projects in the Great Lakes Region.  Prior to joining BrandSafway, Ernest was the Corporate EHS Resource Manager at The Clorox Company helping the organization revitalize their environmental health and safety program at the Hidden Valley Ranch Manufacturing Plant in Wheeling, IL. In the span of over three decades, he has held leadership roles at the State of Texas, Bechtel International, and the former Hess Refinery located in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  He was instrumental in establishing two OSHA Volunteer Partnership Programs and as the Director of EHS for the MacLellan Integrated Services, petitioned and was the recipient of State Governor’s Awards for Safety Excellence in Alabama (2013-2014) and Indiana.  Ernest holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science.

Session Description:

This session will introduce the audience to BrandSafway Scaffolding Systems and some of the unexpected risks associated with this industry.  Participants will be reintroduced to the importance of conducting a thorough incident investigation, especially when there is a Potential Serious Injury or Fatality (PSIF) present.  Two very unusual PSIF incidents will be shared with the participants which should test their incident investigative skills.