Thursday, August 27 | 11:00 AM

Joe Korpi – Manager of Safety and Health, Renewable Energy Group

No more “Death by PowerPoint”!  Transform your team’s safety training experience as you learn how to unleash the time-tested method of Orality to bring simple safety stories to “life” for your audience.  However, telling a story is only half of the training. Orality builds on the story by following up with powerful questions that allow your listeners to explore and find applications they will truly “own”. 

Participants in this course will identify ways to transform case studies into powerful stories, dramatize those stories in a way that makes them come “alive” for their listeners, follow up on those stories with powerful questions that help their listeners explore the deeper meaning of the story, utilize probing questions that help their listeners distinguish what truths must be applied to their life, and learn one final crucial step to ensure the listeners never forget the stories they’ve heard. 

  • Identify what it takes to transform a case study into a powerful story
  • Dramatize stories in a way that makes them come “alive”
  • Help their audience analyze the stories through a series of powerful questions that help them apply the lessons to their life

Safety training is a crucial skill for safety professionals. However, this is one area that many have said it their weakest skill set.  Too many safety professionals rely on consultant-created presentations and programs that focus on OSHA regulations or company policies.  Fortunately, the simple skills outlined in this course can empower safety professionals to help their teams truly understand key safety concepts in ways that are engaging, memorable, and never boring.