Jenna Gibbs, MPH PhD
Director of Operations, Ag Health and Safety Alliance™

The Ag Health and Safety Alliance™ is a nonprofit organization that focuses on health and safety for the next generation of agriculture through the delivery of the Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety™ program. This is a fun and unique training program focused on young adults working in agricultural production, agribusiness, and livestock veterinary sciences. Gibbs will share some unique tips and tricks for engaging the next generation of young adult agricultural workers with ‘outside the norm’ safety training methods. She covers some examples used in the training, such as a shaving cream demonstration, activities to highlight respirator fit and care, UV light applications for sun safety, use of virtual reality/360 video, and tips on engaging young adults through social media.

Educational Objectives:

  • Describe 2-3 workplace hazards likely to be faced by the next generation of agricultural workers.
  • Identify some fun ways to engage agricultural (and non-agricultural) workers during safety trainings that are not reliant on PowerPoint.
  • Discuss how to better tailor safety training for young adults (ages 18-25) learning styles and modes of interacting with others.