Kristin Hodge, MS, ATC
Hinco LLC

With all the fires that safety professionals have to put out (sometimes literally!), evaluating the effectiveness of your injury prevention procedures can sometimes seem like it’s sliding down the to-do list. Starting with a look at the 15-year injury trends, this presentation will see where we’ve been and where we’re going including what is going right and what isn’t. Kristin will discuss how to go beyond the standard pre-shift stretching program and unlock the potential of what they can do and how to improve employee compliance with them. She will also review OSHA recording criteria and examine the employer/healthcare provider relationship to reduce recordable injuries due to restricted work duty. Properly designed prevention programs and post-incident management can make all the difference in reducing injuries and costly claims.

Educational Objective(s:)

  • Identify potential additions to their current safety program to improve the health and wellness of their team members.